Cooling Dog Coat


Cool your dog quickly with Cool on Track™, a high-tech material by Back on Track®.

The Back on Track® Cooling Rug works by storing water and using it to exchange your dog’s heat as it evaporates. As the water turns from liquid to vapor your dog’s temperature drops. Simply add water to the rug to keep the cooling effect. No chemicals or access to your freezer is necessary.

The Cool on Track rug effectively changes the surface temperature by 6+ degrees after three easy steps:
1 Soak the rug in water
2 Squeeze out excess water
3 Put your Cool on Track™ Rug on your dog

The rug has adjustable hook and loop closures. When the rug is not used, you can easily use it as a cooling blanket.

Outer rugs should not be worn together with the cooling rug. The evaporation process is an important part for the product to cool the dog, hence the durable and breathable mesh outer shell.

It is important that you keep the product moist even when it is not in use. If it is dry, it becomes sensitive and can crack. To restore a dry product, you can rinse it with warm water.

– Lightweight – Cooling – Easy to use –

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