Rosehip Powder


Rosehip is an organic finely ground grain that is comprised of 98% peels and 2% seeds and has been found to help minimize inflammation commonly found within the gut and joints. Studies have also found that Rosehip is a healthier and effective alternative for NSAIDs and increases in Vitamin C absorption have also been detected in humans and animals that take regular doses of Rosehip. A 2012 Australian study conducted by Marc Cohen determined that regular doses of Rosehip administered for three months showed a significant reduction in inflammation caused by osteoarthritis and proved to be a healthier alternative than relying on NSAIDs. Additionally, a 2012 Danish study focusing on Trotters confirmed that regular feed additive of Rosehip increased the Vitamin C levels in their horses, noting that the increase is favorable for aiding in minimizing the effects of osteoarthritis in sport horses, as determined in humans.


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